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our partners

The Hope Venture is a community of people all partnering together to make a difference in people’s lives.  None of us could have the same impact on our own.  We need each other.

overseas partners

At The Hope Venture, we have worked diligently to form trusted partnerships with people and organizations around the world that work together with us.

Some things you should know about our partners…

  • All our partners report regularly to us with clear financial records and accountability.
  • All our partners are known and trusted personally by the leadership of The Hope Venture and are all a part of trusted organizations.
  • All our partners work hard to ensure that help is given to people where there is legitimate need.
  • All our partners share common vision and values with The Hope Venture.
  • All our partners are competent and reliable to carry out the projects we agree on together.

Below is a small glimpse into some fun we have with our overseas partners!


partnering organizations


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