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  Crowd Help (need 20 people total)
  Food Station (need 4)
  Water Stations (need 8)
  Registration Table (need 4)
  Photography (need 5)
  Videography(need 2)
  Race Timers (need 4)
  First Aid Station (need 2)
  Set Up Crew (need 8)
  Bikers (need 4)
  Hope Venture Booth(need 1-2)
  Crazy Screaming Fans on the Sidelines(need 40)
  Musicians or Jugglers (possibly 4 stations)
  Wherever Most Needed
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We will need about 10-15 people to help clean up after the race. Would you be available to do this after your main role is finished?

Clean Up:

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  I guess...if you really need me.
  Sorry, I would but I just...uh...have something else I need to get to.
  Seriously, I really can't. It’s, ummm, lambing season. No joust.
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