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Team India

India Pics 2010 257 Team India
provides a child living in
the slums of India
a healthy meal everyday.
India Pics 2010 210

Join the team and make a difference EVERYDAY!

Once and awhile something might capture your heart and you decide to help with a specific need at that time.  That’s awesome and of course most of our projects at The Hope Venture need people to give in those ways.  But imagine knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life EVERYDAY.  That by making a small sacrifice each month, another person has help to survive.  Literally.

For example, in India, we can provide a healthy meal to a child living in the slums EVERYDAY with your simple gift of $12/month.

We at the Hope Venture would love to have you join us in helping lives on a monthly basis.  For just $12/ month you can be a part of our ongoing team and make a difference EVERYDAY.