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Oletukat Water Project

We are so excited to bring water to Oletukat! This is Oletukat…

Homes like this one are spread out along this barren land. And LITERALLY, we hope to bring water to these precious people of Oletukat! By the end of 4 phases, we will have piped water 8 kilometers, built a pumping station and a filtration system to bring clean water from a river. For the first time ever, people of Oletukat in Kenya, Africa will have clean water close to home. This is life-changing for these families!

If you want to be a part of this project, click here and donate to our water projects. Please specify “Oletukat” in the comment section at the bottom of the donate page.

Thanks so much!!


September 2016 Update Videos:


October 23, 2015 UPDATE:
The pump house is complete. We will be transporting a crain to the area so we can install the pump and generator. Much work has been done over the last couple months on burying the piping underground. This labor is all done by hand and the ground is rocky soil. It is difficult work! Please pray for the laborers! 2km of piping have been completed except for three areas that were skipped temporarily. Please pray for success in one stony area especially. Next steps include purchasing the next round of parts from Nairobi, installing the pump and testing it, and reevaluations of budget as costs are adjusted. We appreciate your prayers so much!




July 21, 2015 UPDATE:
Surveys are done and all the phase 1 piping has been purchased and delivered. Materials and stones for the pump house and chamber are ready to go to the field. Watchmen have been hired for the piping and fixtures. We hope to start this week on the construction of the pumping station. 10 people in community will be hired for digging the pipes. Phase 1 (pumping station and 2 km of piping) hopes to be completed by mid-September.
Oetukatwater survey Clearing pipeline DSCN5968