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Water Projects

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2013 Tangartoli well pic 2

There are desperate needs in the areas we are working, but we have been moving slowly in order to explore sustainable solutions.  Some problems with funding wells is that they can have huge initial expenses and communities can lack funds, materials, and even the desire to maintain them.  We have found a technique that is much cheaper and uses parts that are mostly available locally.  We are also combining our well drilling with some community health training so that people understand how better sanitation and clean water will help them.  Our national partners who are asking for this help and are heading this project up on the ground are committed to helping their communities.

So we are trying to work hard for you so that your funds are used in the most effective way possible.

Currently we have drilled 3 wells in India and we have begun work on two wells in Uganda. We are excited about the impact these wells are making!

Every dollar you invest in this project helps provide clean water and healthy sanitation.