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Ugandan Family Restoration Project

Nantezza 3

“Landgrabbing” in Uganda is a terrible injustice. When a man dies, legally his land is now to be owned by his wife and children. Sadly, often others come in and try to force the widow off the land and steal it. They might even burn down her house in the process to get her and her children to leave.

We are partnering with an organization that is standing up for these widows and orphans. They are legally regaining their rights. However, by the time the woman gets her land back, sometimes her house is destroyed, her funds depleted, and her resources exhausted.


That’s where The Hope Venture is stepping in. We are seeking to provide vocational training for these women and to rebuild homes that have been destroyed. An average vocational training program for these women will cost us about $800, including all her supplies and training. An average home we want to build there will cost us about $2,000 USD. It will have concrete floors, two rooms and lockable doors and windows. Please help us bring justice and help to these women and their children!