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Education Fund

IMG_0906We are so committed to education because we believe it really can help people out of poverty.  We do that through some simple, inexpensive ways, like providing backpacks, student sponsorship and school uniforms, etc.  But we have had the great opportunity also of building a school in Jharkhand, India where now over 100 children are getting educated every weekday who weren’t going to school at all before this!  Their parents are mostly uneducated and this is exciting for their whole family.  It is exciting to us too and we have come alongside of this area of Jharkhand to help provide training for teachers (we’ve sent two teams to India to do specific teaching training) and to partner as friends and co-workers to help these children.

We have also rented a building and are paying teachers’ salaries and supplying all the funds needed for a small formal school in the Delhi area.  To continue this Delhi school, we must buy land and that is very expensive.

In addition, we are hoping to help a school in Africa with a sustainable cow project.

All of these endeavors cost lots of money, including the funds for several trips over to India and Africa to help accomplish them.  We believe in this so much, but we know this is a larger price to pay.  Perhaps some of you want to join us in this.  Some of you have helped start the school in Jharkhand and how awesome is that?  People there are being educated because of you!  Perhaps others of you can catch this vision with us.  Our dreams are big because we just simply do not want to turn our backs to helping root out the problems instead of merely alleviating the problems temporarily.  Please consider supporting a long term vision and help us make a sustainable change!


is one month of a teacher’s salary


is the cost for a retreat to gather our students and pour into their lives


can construct an entire school room or building


helps purchase land so we can continue a formal school in Delhi

(we are seeking a total of $200,000 over the next 5 years)

Any Amount

helps us develop education projects in India and Africa

Please consider an investment in this today!