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Feeding Projects

Quarry Feeding Project:

Clear your mind and picture the following: A family of 6 lives and works in a rock quarry in India. Their bodies are powdered with dust, the shanty in which they live is penetrated with noise and grime, and the food for which they scrounge is insufficient and sauteed in the filth from the quarry. Even young children work to haul rocks and perform menial labor at a rate of less than $1 per day.

The Quarry Feeding Project helps kids whose families work in these quarries, pounding rocks with a sledge hammer and loading them onto a truck, day after day, everyday.

$90 feeds a child for an entire year!

We are exploring ways to help change an entire community within the quarry slums.  We are building relationships with community leaders, school teachers, etc.  We are also providing a meal for about 60 children every weekday.  With just $90, you can provide a weekday meal for one child for an entire year!


Chennai Feeding Center:

Thanks to people like you, we have been able to add another Feeding Center in the last year.  In Chennai, India, we are feeding about 45 children every weekday as well.  We are so excited to help these children.  They have so very little!  Please continue to contribute to our feeding projects.  For these children, it matters.


Feed a child for a year