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Home of Hope

Home of Hope Project – Bangalore

We first met Raja over 10 years ago.  As a rickshaw driver (similar to a taxi driver), he couldn’t help notice the destitute and dying, abandoned on the streets he drove everyday.  What was he to do?  No one was helping these people.

So he began bringing them to his home, mending their wounds, cleaning their forsaken bodies, and doing his best to give them some dignity and hope.  Soon he needed a place for those he was rescuing and with the help of others, the Home of Hope began.

To date, the Home of Hope has helped thousands of people.  Recognized by local, state and national authorities for its valuable contribution to society, the Home of Hope relieves suffering most of us cannot comprehend. We are proud to partner with the Home of Hope in any way we can.

Delhi Babu
Delhi Babu, a 30 year old man, had a badly wounded  and bleeding leg. He kept his feet and leg wrapped as he was able. Since he could not walk, he was crawling around the streets of Bangalore the best he could. He was in a lot of pain and miserable. The Bangalore police authorities, who are well aware of the services that the Home of Hope provides for the destitute and homeless, informed the Home of Hope of Delhi Babu.  Raja rescued Babu and through the care and environment provided at the Home of Hope he has been able to make a full recovery.  Delhi Babu is blessed with a wonderful spirit and healthy frame of mind and brings joy to the people he comes in contact with at the Home of Hope.

You can personally impact the life of someone like Delhi Babu.  We invite you to make a donation of any amount today!

Any Amount

helps the destitute and suffering people at The Home of Hope