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Saris & Blankets

Our Sari & Blanket Project

At The Hope Venture, we want to challenge all of us to care about people beyond ourselves… people who perhaps no one is caring for.  Our Sari & Blanket project comes with that in mind.  The women and men we are helping feel lonely and uncared for.  They struggle financially.  They long for help to ease their burdens.  They are mostly widows and widowers, although some are just desperately poor or abandoned individuals.

Our saris of course go to widows.  There are lots of ways we can all help widows.  Perhaps there is a widow in your local neighborhood, even next door maybe, that you could go visit and just spend some time with.  Maybe you could share with her some vegetables from your garden or a plate of cookies.

In addition, we think you might want to help some of these needy widows living in India this winter.  It’s really quite simple.  We can purchase a sari (a traditional Indian outfit) for each widow for just $5!  Where else can you get such a deal?  It’s an easy effort for us, but a much needed encouragement for them.  Please join us and help these widows this winter!

We have had many requests to help provide blankets for the poor and it is an easy way for us all to help.  Thus we have added the blankets for women and men in need. We invite you to join us!

Each Sari or Blanket