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Vocational Training

August 2015 Update… New Center in Jeevanahalli
2015 JHalli. DSC_0085

We are excited to be starting a new tailoring center and additional vocational training in a new location in southern India called Jeevanahalli. The picture above is typical of people’s homes and was taken when we were surveying the area earlier this year.

hair training 12 with wigs

In a country where thousands, perhaps even millions of women spend their lives doing menial tasks or where many are stuck in prostitution, giving them an opportunity to learn a vocation can be a life-changing experience. You and I can help alleviate women’s poverty, increase their sense of identity and value, and profoundly affect the direction of their lives.

We started with cosmetology and tailoring training in the Delhi area in 2009 and have continued to help women in these ways. We have also helped provide vocational training to prostitutes in Mumbai to help them find a new way to earn an income and get out of the life they are in. We now have some vocational centers down in the Bangalore area as well where we are teaching women and men computer, English and tailoring. In addition, we are exploring ways to help provide vocational training in Uganda.

We need your help to make an on-going difference! There are over 600 MILLION people in India living in poverty. There are women in Uganda who we have helped with a mama kit and now we want to help them make a living and support their new babies! There are SO MANY opportunities before us. This is a great way to change a life!

We value your support!


is the cost of one sewing machine


provides for an entire batch of trainees through one of our centers

About $700

helps provide vocational training to a prostitute in Mumbai


is the average cost to run one of our centers

Any amount


Thank you!!!