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Goat Project

Narok-group shot Distribution beans

I really don’t know which I think is worse… the slum situations we help with our places like where we have our goat project… where there is just nothing. Well, there’s dirt. And huts made from dung and sticks. And people. And a few animals. Not much more.

The first time we visited, we were really amazed at what a difference a goat could make to someone. The milk from the goats provides sustenance to families and individuals in extreme poverty. It is so dry in this region that goats are some of the few animals that can even survive the conditions. Where we work, the community is working to pipe water into the region from 18 miles away!! The milk from the goats is a GIFT to the people here!

We love this project. When it does well, sometimes the goat has a baby and your investment is multiplied. Invest today, and make a real difference!


$40 gets 1 goat for a family

Thank you!!