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Delhi Schools

delhi school

We have been helping two schools in the slums of Delhi almost since The Hope Venture began. It’s so cool how many kids’ lives are different as a result! Children who live in extreme poverty, who had previously never been to school, are now being educated! They have the opportunity to come to a clean building, sit at a table, learn from a teacher with the resources needed, and begin to understand Hindi, English and mathematics. We may take all this for granted, but for over 100 children, this is no small matter. Their lives will never be the same.

Thanks to the generous donors who have funded this endeavor and thanks to the educators who have travelled the globe to train these teachers.

Donations to our delhi schools help pay teaching salaries, rent, utilities, school supplies, etc.

You can also request funds go toward school uniforms or periodic medical camps that we run at the schools as we have need of that currently.


provides school uniforms for an entire school


runs a medical camp at one school for the outlying comunity