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Cow Project

cow project DSC00435

In 2014, we were able to start an income-generating cow project at a school in Kenya. We have been building relationships at this school for a few years and have known of their financial struggles for quite some time. However, we wanted to wait until the school leaders could sort through the problems and solutions. It’s easy to want to jump in when you see a need. It’s hard to wait. But this has been worth it!

School leaders knew that if they could come up with a solution that could sustain itself, it would be a far better answer to their struggles. After researching, it was determined that a good milk-producing cow was the next step to take.

Since the school provides milk to all the school children, having their own milk supply cut the costs of the school, enabling them to use those funds on other needs. In addition, the extra milk is sold and can also help with needed funds.

What else? Our cow has now had two babies! So there is much to be excited about on this project.

We are currently seeking an additional $2800 to purchase one more Friesen cow and to build more housing for the cows. Please help us maximize this investment and help these children!