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One of the ways to eradicate poverty is to encourage children to
go to school.

This is the aim of the backpack project.  It says to these children that someone cares about how they do and wants to help them succeed and break the cycle of hopelessness in poverty.  Perhaps even when they grow up they will remember that someone helped them when they were poor and they will turn around and give to others when they are able.  This is a changed life and that is our hope.

Here’s what some locals had to say:

“It is really amazing to see the changes in people’s lives after they received the gifts.  All were excited and very happy… because of their poverty they had lost interest in studies.  Parents also were not aware of their studies or even encouraging them to attend class regularly due to financial problems.  But after the distribution of gifts, the children’s mentality completely changed and they were encouraged to continue their studies and took decision of attending school regularly.  They are grateful to one who sponsors these gifts for the poor and needy people like them.”

“They were poor people who cannot afford to buy such valuable gifts for their children… they say they will never forget these things in their lifetime.”

“For them it is really a miracle to receive such gifts in their life.  It’s really a great help for the children who were in need.  The gifts were excellent in quality and quantity.”

You can help a child today.  For just $10 you can provide a child in India with a backpack filled with educational supplies for school.

1 backpack = $10

5 backpacks = $50

100 backpacks = $1000

Give today and make a difference in the world!

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