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EVenture April 2011

Slum School We had the chance recently to distribute new shoes and outfits to kids in our partnering school in the slums of Delhi, India.  We have been able to help over 100 kids in this area, who up until recently had no schooling whatsoever, to begin getting an education and to have some new clothing and […]

Rice Grinder Update – Jan 27, 2011

Art was in India last week following up our rice grinder project. This man is happy to have this grinder installed now. Previously he earned $6/month.  Now he can increase his income and help his community at the same time!

Eventure 2.8 // Aug 12, 2010

Project Success! We’re excited to share with you about our most recent project!  Thanks to hundreds of youth in Nebraska, we’ve been able to help some of the poorest people in the world. This summer, NATS Detassling Company donated $1 for every acre that was detassled by the more than 400 youth it employed.  As a result, we were […]

July 12, 2010

Many thanks  to Esprit de Corps who partnered with us this year!  We appreciate you sharing the vision to help children in India during your weeklong tour!  (And you all sounded great!)

July 5, 2010

We met our goal last month for our Home of Hope Project!  Thank you so much!!  Raja emailed us his excitement and thankfulness for all those who gave to help build these staff quarters.  They are needed greatly!

May 30, 2010

Less than two weeks for our Home of Hope project!  Help us by donating today to these abandoned and destitute people of Bangalore, India!

From Desperation to Hope

Why The Hope Venture is so committed to educating the poor… -by Amy A. Clear your mind and picture the following: A family of 6 lives and works in a rock quarry in India. Their bodies are powdered with dust, the shanty in which they live is penetrated with noise and grime, and the food […]