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E-Venture May 2011

Together we are REALLY changing lives…

This young girl used to be sold to men nightly by her own mother for 100 rupees (about $2).  She lives in the trash slums where we are trying to help.  The teacher of our slum school went to her mother and shared a new vision… one of hope and a new life.  And now, all that is real.  This girl has not only been getting an education, but succeeding so much that she has turned around and begun helping the teacher with the younger students.  Her life is SO different!

Jeff and I just had the chance to go to India and follow up several of our projects.  We distributed sarees to widows, fed children in the quarries, continued to explore the possibility of getting clean water to poor rural communities, heard how our rice grinder project continues to bring much needed income, talked with moms whose children had received backpacks of educational supplies, and videotaped Sunita as she thanked us for helping her start a cosmetology business through our haircuts for hope project.  Amazing really.

Thanks for your care for these lives as well.

We continue to need to build our monthly team of supporters.  If you know of friends or co-workers who might be interested in changing lives together with us, please let us know!  Your generosity has helped make all this possible!


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