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E-Venture 2.9 September 2010

Hey!  I’m in India right now!  Following up some of our projects and exploring some new ones.

It’s awesome the progress we’ve made in the one year we’ve been in existence. A lot has begun. But I’m also reminded here that the need is very great. People in many parts of the world just don’t live like you or I do.

Today I talked with a girl named Lakshmi. Her mom is illiterate. Her dad has had no schooling and works in a chicken shop. The mom wants to give her daughter a chance to live a different life someday when she is older… to move out of the trash heaps where they literally live. And we can help. Two months ago Lakshmi started to come to a school we are partnering with in the slums of Delhi. She is learning to read and to write. She is learning to count to 100 and multiply numbers. She and her parents are finding hope for a new life.

And there are many more girls and boys like Lakshmi, all throughout India.

Maybe you can help. Donate today!

Thanks! We can’t do any of this without you guys!


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