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Eventure 2.8 // Aug 12, 2010

Project Success!

We’re excited to share with you about our most recent project!  Thanks to hundreds of youth in Nebraska, we’ve been able to help some of the poorest people in the world.

This summer, NATS Detassling Company donated $1 for every acre that was detassled by the more than 400 youth it employed.  As a result, we were able to provide the funds for flour grinding/rice polishing mills for use in India.

This is what excites us:

  1. Because of a long standing relationship with some people in India, we have a high level of trust with where the money is going.  This is one of our priorities and distinctives.  
  2. Due to great communication with our Indian partners, and their wisdom and expertise, they were able to come up with the overall plan and initiative.  This is also a priority of our organization… that all our projects would be led by nationals in the host country, not by Americans thinking they know what everyone else needs.
  3. As the families who benefit from these mills earn money, they will pay back into a fund that will provide more equipment for the poor in this area of India.  Another priority… sustainability!
  4. This equipment will be used to help raise the economic level of the entire community, not just a few families, as many will be able to benefit from these machines.  Another priority!
  5. Because of our knowledge of India, we know there is real need being met by this project.  Not only are parts of India some of the poorest in the world, this is one of the poorest parts of India!   Another priority… helping real needs!
  6. We were able to help youth in our community make a difference in the world.  We are an organization that desires to challenge all ages, including youth, to get involved with making a global difference… another priority!
  7. NATS Detassling Company had great joy in being able to help in this way.  We believe this is how it should be… not giving because someone said it’s a good idea, but finding real joy in giving and making investments that change the world… priority: that not only the recipient would benefit, but the giver as well would grow and be changed, finding joy and meaning through their partnership with us!

 By partnering with The Hope Venture, this is the kind of difference you are making in the world!  Thanks for all you’ve done to join with us… we couldn’t do these projects without you all! 

Helping lives find hope together with you …      Cynci

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