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From Desperation to Hope

Why The Hope Venture is so committed to educating the poor…

-by Amy A.

Clear your mind and picture the following: A family of 6 lives and works in a rock quarry in India. Their bodies are powdered with dust, the shanty in which they live is penetrated with noise and grime, and the food for which they scrounge is insufficient and sauteed in the filth from the quarry. Even young children work to haul rocks and perform menial labor at a rate of less than $1 per day. They are labeled “The Untouchables” because they are born into the lowest of the low caste of Indian society and judged to be less than human. Intimidation and horrendous abuse from upper-caste community members, and often law enforcement, is prevalent and goes unreported. Not accurately considered or counted, these children face innumerable human rights violations on a daily basis. Expand this to include children living in slums earning small amounts of money rummaging through trash, and you get a number of 89 million children who have no access to school.  They live in poverty deemed so extreme that life literally ceases to exist after so long in this setting.  There is little hope for any other future if their current circumstance remains unchanged. Thus the cycle of despair continues.

However, in the midst of the desperation, there is hope.  Here in the quarries and slums, it is an understatement to say that an education is valuable; the tools that education provides are the only way out of this circumstance.  Through grassroots efforts on a national and international level, the light is shining on this lowest caste to give them the tools for an education that offers them a future outside of their situation.  Obstacles still stand in the way, however.  Educational supplies are required for school, which families cannot afford to provide.  The Hope Venture desires to partner with people who will invest in providing these simple but significant items to the poorest children of India to help them realize their worth and give them skills to break the cycle of hopelessness in poverty.

So, what does it take to help eliminate the cycle of abject poverty, even in the lives of a few?  It takes only $10 for one student through high school to receive a backpack filled with supplies needed for learning.  Not only do the items help them accomplish their tasks in school, but it gives them the motivation to be able to attend and participate in school.  In our land of prosperity, we may not quite understand the impact a backpack and school supplies can make. But to those looking to get out of a hopeless situation, these supplies can signify better things.  Multiply $10 over and over, and we have a revolution.  Because when the lives of a few are changed, their eyes are opened to the possibilities they now offer to others, and a whole new cycle begins.  A cycle of hope.

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